Fruits Blockchain

There is growing worldwide demand for transparency. More than 70% of today’s consumers want to understand the production footprint of products they buy. We believe this is where businesses can differentiate themselves.

At Fruits Blockchain (Powered by Promenant), our mission is to create a transparent and efficient value chain – from producer to customer – using blockchain technology. We aim to help buyers track produce from farm to fork and reduce counterfeiting. Consumers will be able to select and purchase Blockchain certified fruits and enjoy fresh authentic produce with their loved ones.

Our journey starts with the king of mangoes – the Alphonso. India is one of the world’s top mango producers and is responsible for approximately 41% of total global output. The Alphonso mango, grown in the Konkan region of Maharashtra is a consumer favourite because of its unparalleled taste and texture. However, due to its popularity, ‘fake’ versions of the Alphonso have cropped up and have frequently been sold to consumers across the globe. For this reason, Alphonso growers from Maharashtra have filed lawsuits against those trying to pass off mangoes from other regions of the country as fruits of the same variety. We are aiming to address these concerns for both consumers and producers, using blockchain technology.

Enabling the traceability of Alphonso mangoes is just the beginning and we have a defined roadmap to include more exotic fruits onto our application thereby expanding our ecosystem. We seek to empower the end-consumer with verifiable data regarding the authenticity of the fruit they have purchased thereby improving their confidence and shopping experience.

Advantages for consumers

  • Blockchain Certified Food Products
  • Traceability recorded in Blockchain to build trust
  • Protects brand reputation
  • Farm-to-fork tracking and provenance with authenticity
  • Reducing Counterfeit of Fruits

We guarantee enhanced customer experience through our application. Our food products is Blockchain Certified, which means we provide product quality and authenticity information to consumers, obtain product recall alerts and information in real-time and connect suppliers to the consumers with provenance data. Customer confidence is greatly improved by verifiable transaction details that are viewable on any mobile device. Customers can be certain that the supply chain is devoid of counterfeiting, which helps build trust.

Our future plan

  • Track all kinds of export quality food products
  • Build an ecosystem for provenance
  • Enhance trust and authenticity
  • Powered by Promenant as technology partner

The future holds immense potential for technology-enabled agriculture. Promenant as a technology partner has a clear roadmap to eventually help producers and consumers track a variety of export quality produce on the Fruits Blockchain platform, thereby expanding the ecosystem for provenance. Our platform will empower supply chain partners in our ecosystem to offer quality produce and improve transparency by tracking the end-to-end journey of food, from farm to fork. We aim to offer consumers the satisfaction that they are receiving the freshest produce possible.

Fruits Blockchain Provenance

Blockchain empowers transparency, making the food supply chain more robust, such that the industry can cope up with food safety issues. Large organizations such as Unilever and Nestle have started employing blockchain technology to trace the origins of products because data collected in a blockchain isn’t vulnerable to hacking, bugs, errors, and inaccuracies. Blockchains also help identify cases of attempted counterfeit within a supply chain.

Blockchain technology’s biggest advantages are that it will help farmers guarantee higher value and sell better directly to consumers. According to Forbes, blockchain can ‘Uberize’ the agri-food industry by reducing transaction fees and intermediaries. Furthermore, it will help prevent price coercion such that the food producers can reap significant economic benefits.

  • We have considered all these advantages when enabling the supply chain of Alphonso Mangoes on Blockchain. Mangoes are plucked directly by farmers and packed on the same day. Blockchain QR codes on the package carry details on the authenticity and shipping. We deliver mangoes directly to end customers, ensuring provenance and tracking of produce